Naftali Bennett (FILE PHOTO)

Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett confirmed, on Sunday, that his country will convey a special message to Iran, following the recent attack on an Israeli oil tanker off the coast of the Sultanate of Oman.

Bennett accused Iran of involvement in the attack on the Israeli ship, according to the CNN Network.


For its part, Iran denied on Sunday, through the spokesman of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Saeed Khatibzadeh, its involvement in the attack on the Iranian ship, and said: “Israel’s accusations of our involvement in the explosion of the ship are just lies.”

Khatibzadeh stressed that “Israel must stop making accusations, and must retract its attempts to raise the issue of the ship in the Security Council.”

On Saturday, Iranian sources confirmed that the attack on the Israeli ship was a response to a military strike targeting the Dabaa military airport in Syria.

Iranian sources told the media that Iran responded to a recent Israeli attack on Al-Dabaa airport in the Al-Qusayr region in Syria, in which two members of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards were killed, reported by Jerusalem Post.

UN Security Council

And the Israeli Army Radio reported, this morning, that the Israeli government intends to file a formal complaint against Iran in the UN Security Council and to try to hold a special session to discuss targeting the Israeli ship last Thursday.

The Hebrew radio confirmed that this step coincides with Israeli attempts to mobilize international public opinion against Iran and work to impose sanctions and restrictions on its economic activities, in light of the internal Israeli talk about the existence of a plan to respond to Iran’s targeting of the Iranian ship.

On Thursday, the Mercer Street ship of the Zodiac Maritime company operated by the Israeli Ofer family was attacked in the Gulf of Oman, killing two crew members, a British and a Romanian.


The ship that was attacked was Japanese-owned and carried the flag of Liberia and is operated by the “Zodiac Maritime” company owned by Israeli businessman Eyal Ofer, who is ranked 197th on the list of the world’s richest people.

This is not the first time that there is talk of attacks against Israeli ships in the Arabian Sea and the Indian Ocean, and Iran is accused of being behind them.

Targeting cargo ships

On the third of this month, the Lebanese channel, Al-Mayadeen, quoted reliable sources of its own, that an Israeli merchant ship was hit by an unknown weapon in the northern Indian Ocean, without a specific party claiming responsibility for the accident so far.

At the time, sources in Tel Aviv suggested that Iran was responsible for targeting the cargo ship, also owned by the Israeli businessman, Eyal Ofer, which was heading to Dubai.