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Saturday, December 9, 2023
Conflicts, Military and WarFall of Kabul, the Taliban kill political leadership and religious minorities in Afghanistan

Fall of Kabul, the Taliban kill political leadership and religious minorities in Afghanistan

Kabul has fallen. The Taliban has taken the control of Kabul, the capital of Afghanistan, after 9 hours of an armed battle between Afghan forces and the Taliban. This was confirmed by a source of The Eastern Herald in Kabul. Since then we are not able to communicate with our journalists in Taliban-ruled Afghanistan .

After Kabul has fallen into the hands of the Taliban, the Taliban are now searching every house in Kabul for political leaders and oppositions. They have already planned to assassinate the president and other political and religious leaders who don’t accept their supremacy.

Now all the religious minorities are in extreme danger of extermination. 

The United States asked Pakistan for help but for some strange reasons Islamabad denied assistance to the Afghan forces. Islamabad wanted Kabul to fall. Islamabad is willing to bring Afghanistan to the same stage that it faced during the Soviet invasion. During the Soviet invasion, Pakistan extorted billions of dollars from the United States and Saudi Arabia.

Also, on Saturday, US President Joe Biden raised the number of US forces sent to Afghanistan to participate in the evacuation of embassy staff and Afghan civilians, warning the Taliban movement advancing to Kabul not to obstruct this mission. But now Kabul has already fallen into the hands of the Taliban militants in Afghanistan.

Biden said that after consulting with his national security team, he decided to send “about five thousand” US soldiers , ie two thousand more than the scheduled number, explaining that these soldiers will be deployed in Afghanistan to organize the evacuation and end the American mission after twenty years of field operations.

The US Embassy staff is now in fierce danger of death by the Taliban after the fall of Kabul.

Biden again defended his decision to withdraw the US army from Afghanistan , saying, “I am the fourth president to take office in light of the presence of American forces in Afghanistan,” stressing, “I will not bequeath this war to a fifth president.”

On Saturday, a new force of American soldiers arrived in Kabul for evacuations. The US Soldiers in Afghanistan fear falling into the trap again as the city falls into the control of the Taliban.

US Central Command spokesman, Commandant Bill Urban, unaware of the real situation , said that after the arrival of the first force of Marines on Friday, US soldiers “continue” to land in Kabul to evacuate diplomats and Afghans who had dealt with the United States and feared Taliban retaliation.

He did not specify the number of soldiers, nor did he say whether the evacuation of diplomats from the US embassy in Kabul had begun. Now, when the city has already fallen, the evacuation might become more difficult.

Defense Department spokesman John Kirby said Friday that the United States plans to evacuate “thousands of people a day” and expects “the majority of the 3,000 personnel to arrive by the end of the week.” US Defence Department was also unaware of this fast movement of the Taliban and now when Kabul has fallen it became difficult for Turkey too.

Turkey came forward a week ago to offer its support to secure the Kabul airport. This sudden fall of Kabul surprised the Turkish leadership too.

This week, about 4,200 people work at the US embassy in Kabul, where thousands of Afghan interpreters and others who have helped US forces are seeking to leave, fearing Taliban reprisals.

The Pentagon estimates that about 30,000 people will need to be evacuated by August 31, with the deadline set by President Joe Biden to complete the withdrawal from this country.

On Saturday, Taliban militants took control of the city of Mazar-i-Sharif and became on the outskirts of the Afghan capital, Kabul. Within just one day the Taliban took the charge of the next city Kabul, the capital of Afghanistan.

There is no news about the political leadership and even the president of Afghanistan. The fall of Kabul surprised the world.

Atiqullah Ghayur, who lives next to the famous Blue Mosque in Mazar-i-Sharif, said that the Taliban insurgents were “celebrating on their vehicles and motorbikes, shooting in the air,” noting that Afghan forces withdrew from the city.

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  1. There are ex military who have been in contact with Afghanistan former translators pilots etc. they said they are going house to house killing those that were leaders in the Afghanistan Army. You are not hearing about it for fear the Taliban will stop evacuations.
    This must have been Biden’s plan or why else did they evacuate the troops first. Biden is sold out to communism. He stopped our pipeline and gave Russia the upper hand in energy. Then the going green helps China as they make components for batteries and solar panels. This is huge for China and Russia, who have made agreements, India is almost surrounded considering China, Pakistan and India. The Taliban are already making deals with them. Taiwan is in grave danger. China wanted Biden in power if you saw the video where they stated they had friends in US politics. This is true consider Eric Swalwell had a spy girlfriend. Many in our government have communist ties. See Trevor Loudon counter punch. Gordon Chang said China has a lot of evidence against Hunter and other political and corporate leaders.

  2. Elaine get your facts straight and organise your statement. “This is huge for China and Russia, who have made agreements, India is almost surrounded considering China, Pakistan and India.”, what the hell does that mean. Are you sipping on grandpa’s cough medicine. Start making sense then others may appreciate what you’re trying to say. It’s funny how everyone keeps saying there are “mountains” of evidence but then nothing comes out or you have to attend a symposium to find out. Get a clue then maybe you can get a grip.

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