Von der Leyen: Moral duty to protect Afghans-AFGHANISTAN-TALIBAN-EUROPEAN-UNION
Ursula Von der Leyen (FILE PHOTO)

European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen held a press conference on the situation in Afghanistan after the G7 meeting.

“Most European Union staff based in Afghanistan, including Afghans, have been evacuated from Kabul airport,” von der Leyen was quoted as saying by the BBC.

She says G7 leaders have agreed that it is their “moral duty” to help the Afghan people after the Taliban returns to power.

“The situation is really worrying for the Afghan people and it is a big problem for the international community,” she added.

When it comes to migration, she says women – especially educated women and girls, journalists, human rights workers, teachers, judges, and lawyers – are a priority.

–  In order to protect these most endangered, it is obvious that this is an issue of global cooperation and that as such it must be addressed from the beginning. These people should not fall into the hands of smugglers, they need safe paths – she says.

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