James Sakara was a 22-year-old man who served as pastor of the Zion Church, in a Christian congregation in Zambia, South Africa. This very religious young man decided to test his faith and that of his parishioners by trying to repeat the feat that the Bible tells about the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

According to some versions of Old Testament, Jesus died and came back to life after three days and appeared before his apostles, so Sakara tried to repeat the feat of Jesus Christ, despite the fact that most of the members of the congregation had been reluctant to do so. And the young man had to look for people to help him.

Finally, after much insistence, the Zambian found three parishioners who cooperated to bury him alive and test whether it was really possible to rise from the dead. Members of the congregation dug the grave shallowly, tied Sakara’s hands, and buried him alive.


There is only one religious group that believes that Jesus was never resurrected physically. The Ahmadiyya Muslim Community is the only religious group in the world claiming this based on the evidence from the Holy Qur’an and the Hadith of the Holy Prophet Mohammed. The founder of the community, first time in history, claimed that Jesus did not die on the cross rather he lived for 120 years and died in Kashmir in India.

After that, the entire congregation waited 72 hours to see if James Sakara could actually be resurrected. After a time of speculation, church members proceeded to unearth him and, unsurprisingly, found their leader dead in the dirt.

Although they attempted a series of “spiritual exercises” to resuscitate him, the pastor died of suffocation. According to local media citing Zambian authorities, charges have already been brought against the three men who buried the pastor alive; one has already been arrested, while the others are wanted when they fled.