Abiy Ahmed, Prime Minister of Ethiopia (File Photo)

Ethiopia has expressed its full solidarity with Sudan, and its support for Khartoum’s rejection of any external interference or dictates in its internal affairs.

This came in a message published by Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed, on his official Twitter account, on Tuesday.



He said that Addis Ababa “wishes Sudan to overcome its current plight, with the usual wisdom and professionalism,” calling on Khartoum to “not allow” in any way to “external interference and apparent and hidden dictates.”

He added that his country and Sudan “are going through the experience of building democratic foundations for societies where security and stability prevail.”

He also described the parties that try to pounce on the two countries or interfere in their affairs under the pretext of internal conflicts and economic crises as “external evil forces.”

The message published by Abiy Ahmed comes after Khartoum announced on September 21 that a coup attempt led by Major General Abdul-Baqi Al-Hassan Othman Bakrawi, along with 22 other officers of different ranks, non-commissioned officers and soldiers, was thwarted.

On September 18, Khartoum welcomed Turkey’s mediation to find a solution to the border crisis with Ethiopia.

For a while, the borders of the two countries have been experiencing tension, as Khartoum announced, on December 31, that the Sudanese army had taken control of the entire territory of his country in the “Al-Fashqa” border area with Ethiopia.

Sudan demands the establishment of border markers with Ethiopia based on the May 15, 1902 agreement, which was signed in Addis Ababa between Ethiopia and Britain (on behalf of Sudan), and its first article clarifies the international borders between the two countries.


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