Crowd waving Ecuadorian Flags(File Photo)

Twenty-four inmates were killed, and 48 others were injured in gang riots in an Ecuadorian prison.

According to local media reports, the people’s actions erupted, on Tuesday, in the “Litoral” prison in the city of “Guayaquil”, the capital of the coastal province of Guayas; Because of the struggle for leadership inside the prison between gang members.

According to a statement by prison officials, this riot, which erupted on Tuesday morning, saw 5 prisoners beheaded, while the rest were killed with sharp objects.


According to preliminary estimates, these actions resulted in the killing of 24 people and the injury of 48 others, while it was reported that a large number of police and army units had arrived at the prison in order to control the events.

Videos posted by residents living in the area of ​​events on social media showed a number of prisoners climbing to the roofs, while shootings and explosions were heard from inside the prison.

According to local media reports, the riots first began in wards 8 and 9 of the prison, where members of the “Los Lobos” and “Tiguerones” gangs are located.

It is worth noting that on July 23, the country witnessed clashes between gang members in two different prisons, killing 21 people and wounding 35 others.

And Ecuador’s prisons include approximately 38,000 people, between convicts and detainees, and sometimes the actions of the people they witness end with rebellion.

In addition, 80 convicts have died as a result of fires that broke out due to a rebellion that began simultaneously inside prisons in 3 cities in the country on February 24 last.


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