Sudanese Army controling the protest in Khartoum(File Photo)

The European Union and the United States on Friday called on the Sudanese army to exercise restraint and not to use violence against the participants in the demonstration called by protesters in Sudan tomorrow, Saturday.

The European Union said, in press statements, that its member states “call on the army and police forces in Sudan to exercise restraint during the demonstrations scheduled for Saturday in the capital, Khartoum.”

For its part, a senior official of the US State Department – unnamed – stated that “the Sudanese army’s handling of the protests expected on Saturday will be an indication of its intentions.”


The official called on the army in Sudan not to use violence against protesters who seek to organize “million” demonstrations to denounce the military’s control of the country.

He added: “Washington is calling on the commander of the Sudanese army, Abdel-Fattah Al-Burhan, to take steps to restore the government,” noting that Sudan’s pursuit of tens of billions of dollars to ease the debt burden “will not be achieved if the army continues its attempts to lead the country alone.”

Supporters of civilian rule are mobilizing for a general mobilization and rallies they want “millions” Saturday in Sudan against the military, led by General Abdel Fattah Al-Burhan, who ousted civilians from power.

Sudan has witnessed, since Monday, protests and demonstrations in opposition to what the protesters consider a “military coup”.

Prior to Monday’s procedures, Sudan had been living, since August 21, 2019, a 53-month transitional period that ends with holding elections in early 2024, during which power is shared by the army, civil forces and armed movements that signed a peace agreement with the government in 2020.


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