Deadbodies after Bucha massacre in Ukraine (File Photo/AFP)

The Kremlin’s propaganda against Ukraine, which the official Russian media broadcasts around the clock to millions of Russians, has turned soldiers into “executives” with a clear conscience, according to an analysis from the Foreign Policy magazine.

The magazine says that the Kremlin’s “genocidal” propaganda toward Ukraine will continue to affect Russians long after this war is over.


The analysis indicates that Russian President Vladimir Putin’s hatred of Ukraine is well-known, while the Kremlin-owned and controlled media broadcasts these propaganda messages to millions of Russians.

As examples of Russian propaganda and incitement against Ukrainians, the analysis conveys how presenter Vladimir Solovyov said on a leading talk show on Russia-1 that “Vladimir Zelensky is the last president of Ukraine because there will be no Ukraine after that.” Which is what the crowd cheered.

In another example, the online magazine reports how an article on RIA Novosti by Timofei Sergetsev describes “Ukrainians as accomplices of terrorism and legitimate targets”, and that “a large part of the Ukrainian people are Nazis”, and calls for the “liquidation of Ukrainian elites because they cannot be re-educated.” “Ukraine must be divided into states controlled by Russia,” as he put it.

The analysis indicates that “it is not clear whether Russian forces who commit mass murder and gang rape in occupied Ukrainian villages, towns and cities, read such propaganda,” but that “from what survivors of Russian atrocities tell journalists, it is safe to assume that the forces The Russians are “exposed” to this kind of propaganda.


Survivors recall how Russian soldiers were looking for non-existent “Nazis” among the local population, according to the magazine.

Amnesty International had said that Russian forces executed unarmed civilians in Ukraine apparently as “war crimes”, citing field testimonies it conducted in cities near Kyiv that were controlled by Russian forces.

According to the Ukrainian Prosecutor General, at least 410 civilians were found dead in the towns recently retaken by Ukrainian forces near Kyiv, particularly in Bucha, which sparked international outrage.


Photographic evidence of atrocities committed by the Russian military emerged, including eyewitness testimonies along with videos and photos, which Russia claimed were “orchestrated”.

The Russian invasion of Ukraine has caused more than four million people to flee abroad, killing and wounding thousands, and reducing cities to rubble, and led to sweeping sanctions that Moscow says have put its economy in the most difficult position in three decades.



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