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Monday, August, 8, 2022

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Dubai: ‘B52 Discotheque’ in ‘Fortune Grand Hotel’ is a hub of ‘Sex Workers’


Dubai is a constantly evolving city, dominated by futuristic skyscrapers and unbridled luxury. The futuristic city of the UAE has a lot to offer in terms of nightlife, with its trendy rooftop bars, clubs on the beach, and mega discotheques.

Located in the middle of the Persian Gulf, Dubai is undoubtedly one of the most modern and rich cities in the United Arab Emirates. This metropolis is a series of futuristic skyscrapers, hotels, huge shopping malls, fashion bazaars, theme parks, and even artificial indoor ski slopes, where you can ski even when outside there are forty degrees! Dubai is a paradise for glitz and the unbridled luxury, and all this is reflected in its amazing nightlife, catapulting the city into of the world’s top ten destinations for nightlife!

Fortune Grand Hotel, Muteena, Deira in Dubai (Photo: ExpatNights) 

The sex trade is illegal in the whole UAE including Dubai. But, it has been observed that Dubai Police have turned their blind eye toward hotels and massage parlors offering sex in exchange for money.

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The Eastern Herald has investigated some hotels and nightclubs running “Sex Trade” illegally in Dubai. This is our series of news articles about the subject.

Fortune Grand Hotel, Deira

While searching for nightclubs near Deira, we found B52 Discotheque to be a name on the top. This is located inside ‘Fortune Grand Hotel‘ in Muteena (Deira). There are reasons why many like this nightclub.

B52 Discotheque has no entry fee

As many of the nightclubs in Dubai demand a fee to enter. Some clubs are free for girls and paid for men. B52 Discotheque in Fortune Grand Hotel is free for everyone.

Sex Workers

This club serves “Sex Workers” and it is not possible that the hotel’s and club’s management are unaware of it. You can find girls there, to spend a night with, at a very low price. B52 Discotheque is famous among Indians when it comes to finding a sex partner for a night. In this nightclub, there are Pakistani, Bangladeshi, Philippino, and Indian girls available at a price range between AED 500 and AED 1500. 

Pricey rooms for sex benefit the hotel

We’ve observed thoroughly the online availability of rooms during day and night. Shockingly, Fortune Grand Hotel, after 6 pm, stops online bookings of rooms. One has to visit the reception counter to book the room. And they charge three to four times the regular price. This means that though the rooms are available but, to gain more profit they stop online sales keeping in mind the demand from nightclub customers.

Most of the prostitutes in this hotel are there on a visit visa. These prostitutes usually come here and go after 3 months when their visa is expired. We’ve also spoken with a couple of girls who are here since November 2021.

One of the female prostitutes outside Fortune Grand Hotel revealed to us that she earns more than 25000 dirhams (AED) every month and that she is very happy.

Because, prostitution is illegal in Dubai, the level of exploitation is very high. Many women are beaten and harassed during their service. “For 1000 Dirham I am treated like trash on the floor. But I have to tolerate it, and bear it, because this is what I have to do. I have no other choice.”, a female prostitute told us with shine of tears in her eyes.

The pride and honor of the Dubai Police

Upon investigation by our team, B52 Discotheque claimed to have good relations with some top officials in local authorities and Dubai police have also turned the blind eye to them.

In the future, we’ll come up with some more such shocking stories.

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