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Shaahid Hamid’s Leadership Steers the UAE’s Automotive Culture

The 20th gen technology exerts more climatic shifts on the world than ever before. It is only an eventuality, then, that motorheads need to graft themselves in the perpetually altering expanses. Moreover, adaptability is not only a buoyant force but is also a thriving essential.

Driving and investing in your wheels in the correct manner are two ostensibly tricky stretches. Dubai-based motorhead ‘Shaahid Hamid’ is an expert in both, he works extensively with several automotive brands, and promotes the best wheels from their collections, especially exotic cars, and superbikes.

Making a seamless transition as a motorhead is not an easy job. It requires a lot of effort, energy, and knowledge to dive deep into this massive industry filled with thousands of passionate motorheads. With thorough skills and passion, Shaahid Hamid has made a successful mark for himself as a car & bike influencer, having the best customized Mustang GT, and BMW S1000RR in his collection.

Shaahid is enjoying being a part of a big community of bikers as well, however, he does not want to leave the more personal level of his influencer career alone. This is where he uploads shoots to his social media followers via the likes of Instagram and other popular platforms. Many people are doing this kind of thing, but there is still plenty of room for new people as there is always a different angle to capitalize on.

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Notably, instead of trying to fight off competition by copying rivals’ ideas but doing them better, Shaahid focuses on being true to himself, allowing people to see a little into his mind and life, promoting uniqueness.

Furthermore, he confesses that his life with Instagram as a car & bike influencer has allowed him to meet many wonderful and talented motorheads along the way. Presenting his unique collection on roads has always cheered him up and he also saw how others enjoyed the same. Speaking about the success he has earned so far, Shaahid says he has achieved a massive following on his Instagram, and looks forward to achieving several milestones this year.

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Synthia Rozario
Synthia Rozario
An editorial staff member at The Eastern Herald. Formerly, correspondent of The Eastern Express, Hong Kong.


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