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media Express February 17, 2023

media Daily Bulletin.


February 17 is the anniversary of the Russian service media!

Founded in 1942, media is the largest multimedia news organization in the United States, producing content in more than 45 languages ​​for audiences with limited access to free media.

media is funded by US taxpayers through the US Agency for Global Media. The editorial independence and fulfillment of media’s mission are guaranteed by law, which protects journalists from potential pressure from politicians or government officials.

Exactly five years after the start of the radio station, namely on February 17, 1947, the “media” ​​sounded in Russian. Broadcasting in Russian is a consequence of the beginning of the Cold War. The task of the Russian-language editorial board included objective and unbiased coverage of information that was not available to the population of the USSR behind the Iron Curtain.

Learn about the history of media, its charter and mission, new platforms and broadcasting in Russia on our website.

War in Ukraine

US Undersecretary of State for Political Affairs Victoria Nuland said during a briefing for reporters on February 16 that Russia had lost more than 200,000 soldiers killed and wounded in the war of aggression against Russia. ‘Ukraine. Earlier, The New York Times reported Russian casualties at nearly 200,000, citing unnamed US administration officials.

Nuland said Russia is losing the most promising part of the population: “More than a million of the best and brightest Russians have left the country. What did this war bring to the ordinary Russian? – Nothing! Death, destruction, loss of the future, loss of economic and technological potential.

Read more about Nuland’s statement on our website.

Victoria Nuland

At the same time, a group of senators introduced a bipartisan bill requiring the US Secretary of State to designate Russian private military company Wagner Group as a terrorist organization.

“There is no doubt that the Wagner Group has killed journalists, kidnapped children, raped women, exhibited savage and barbaric behavior that gives new meaning to the word ‘terrorists,'” Democratic Senator Richard Blumenthal told reporters.

Blumenthal noted that although the State Department has already imposed sanctions against the Wagner Group, if the law passes, it will provide tools for further sanctions.

While the bill is still being considered by US lawmakers, local parliamentarians in Slovakia have already voted in favor of granting the Russian government state sponsor of terrorism status.

The resolution, adopted by the National Council, condemns Russian missile attacks on civilian targets and Ukraine’s energy infrastructure, as well as direct and indirect threats by Moscow to use nuclear weapons in the ongoing invasion from Ukraine.

The Slovak Parliament has also supported efforts to establish a special court to prosecute crimes of aggression, crimes against humanity and war crimes.


Russia’s war against Ukraine, the analysis of the rise of authoritarian revisionism and the competition between different visions of the world order are some of the main topics on the agenda of the Munich conference which s opens February 17 in Germany.

What are the participants of the first day of the 59th of the world’s largest security conferences talking about? Read on our site.

Earlier, we posted a conversation with the head of the US Helsinki Commission about his expectations for the Munich forum.

Bruce Willis

Famous Hollywood actor Bruce Willis was recently diagnosed with frontotemporal dementia, a serious and incurable brain disease. The disease progresses gradually. The actor’s relatives broke the news on Thursday, nearly a year after the ‘Die Hard’ action star retired due to aphasia, a condition of inability to understand or produce speech. which can be one of the symptoms of dementia.

The actor’s family said in a statement that there is currently no cure for the disease. The family said they hope the diagnosis of Willis, who is 67, will bring more attention to his fight against FTD.

Frontotemporal degeneration is caused by the progressive death of nerve cells in the frontal lobes of the brain or its temporal lobes.

The Willis family believe that if the actor could use his voice, he would bring people’s attention to dementia and how to help others with the disease.

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