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Sunday, December 10, 2023
EntertainmentLisa burned her romance with Jungkook during the show! "I kissed on the lips out of inertia, I...

Lisa burned her romance with Jungkook during the show! “I kissed on the lips out of inertia, I forgot it was impossible”

Many people say that Jungkook is dating Blackpink’s Lisa, but ARMY has very little evidence that this is true. Let’s try to collect all the rumors about the guys in a pile to assess the plausibility of gossip.

Contact lenses

Some ARMYs claim that shippers take rumors too lightly and take everything at face value just because Lisa and Gook are members of Korea’s most popular bands, but check out below and their true interaction betrays their connection. They were talking, how to say… in silence. Understand the other’s perspective.

Close to the Golden Maknae family

On January 8, 2022, the girl posted a series of shots in a sweater with a large yellow tulip embroidered on her chest and stomach. When ARMY started looking for information, they figured out that the sweater was a product of a company owned by Jungkook’s brother.

He is her ideal

In one of the interviews, Lisa was asked what kind of man she could call an ideal. During a conversation with a representative of Nylon Japan, she replied that he should be a kind and sincere young man who knows how to cook and shares his lifestyle. Isn’t that the description of Jungkook?

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