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Tuesday, March 28, 2023

Jungkook got into a fight in response to the dismissal and scattered his things in the hallway, “It’s even better without you. Find out who you lost!

Korean netizens have gone viral over Jungkook’s dismissal from BTS after one of the platform’s famous creators wrote about it, saying that management couldn’t get away with airing for 4 hours as the guy drank beer in front of millions of his fans. “We all understand that most of them are minors. And he, as an influencer, does not have the best influence on children,” the author wrote in his post.

ARMY decided to find some reasons why this information cannot be true. First of all, after this incident, he went back on the air. Maybe Maknae wouldn’t be allowed to use the broadcast feature if he pissed off management so much. Second, it’s unlikely that Cook was fired. This would certainly disappoint him, and at the last “in line” he was very cheerful and cheerful.

Another point: if Cook was fired, HYBE (and maybe even Jungkook himself) would let ARMY know, who would certainly cause a stir in defense of their baby. For example, they would send a truck with a banner to the company’s representative office, as fans usually do in case of dissatisfaction. But nothing on the list happened. It seems that the sasaengs are lying to us openly…

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