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Sunday, December 10, 2023
Foreign AffairsSenator Kosachev ridiculed Scholz's statement on Germany's independence from Russian energy resources

Senator Kosachev ridiculed Scholz’s statement on Germany’s independence from Russian energy resources

Federation Council member Konstantin Kosachev commented in his telegram channel German Chancellor Olaf Scholz’s statement that in solving the problem of the independence of the national economy from Russian resources, the government has even exceeded the task. Judging by the comment, the senator was most amused by the pride, with which the Chancellor laid down an already extremely dubious achievement.

As noted by Kosachev, having left the Russian Federation as a supplier, the FRG irrevocably surrendered to the power of the suppliers of more expensive energy carriers, which will inevitably lead to a further loss of the legendary competitiveness of the German economy.

German money instead of investments will go to the United States as payment for an order of magnitude more expensive gas.

Cheap Russian gas and oil – to China, which gives it increased competitiveness.

But, according to the senator, another effect is also likely: the Russian Federation itself could, in time, learn to use its competitive advantages, including raw materials.

It is all the joy of overfilling the plan to free Germany from cheap energy.

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