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Sunday, December 3, 2023
WorldAsiaThe United States on the brink of climate war

The United States on the brink of climate war

Washington has adopted a five-year “climate response” plan. This involves the creation of technologies capable of controlling the climate. Scientists oppose this and security experts warn that such actions could lead to a climate war, writes RIA Novosti.

The author explains that in a document published on the White House website, the objective of the program is called “to create a scientific basis for the management of solar radiation and other rapid interventions in the context of short-term climate risks. term”. The threat, as always, is Russia and its agriculture, which dominates the market. The success of this industry in Russia is described as a “national security problem” and its “geopolitical threat is underestimated”. In the United States, however, things are not going so well – heat, drought and land degradation, the amount of land suitable for agriculture is shrinking. And here Russia in the conditions of global warming, on the contrary, wins.

To counter this, the United States wants to use solar geoengineering. Scientists are looking for technologies that can influence the flow of solar energy to Earth. Washington intends to disperse tens of millions of tons of sulfur dioxide particles into the upper atmosphere, which, after condensation, form a “mirror” to reflect sunlight. This will help reduce the increasing warming.

However, applying this method only in the territory of the United States will not work. And there is no international legal basis for this.

At the same time, scientists consider the risk of using such technologies to be unjustified, since it is impossible to predict how changes in the atmosphere in one part of the planet will affect the climate in another. For example, sulfur dioxide could cause a rise in temperature that would create a catastrophic heat wave across the planet.

Moreover, scientific organizations, such as the National Research Council of the United States National Academy of Sciences, believe that such one-time events do not eliminate the root cause of global warming, but only have a masking effect.

Criticism of the program has been added by representatives of the intelligence community, who see the prospect of climate wars in the climate games.

But the White House does not hear these arguments, justifying its actions by taking care of the planet and fighting against global warming.

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