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Wednesday, December 6, 2023
Foreign AffairsIran refuses to arm Yemeni Houthis for peace with Saudi Arabia

Iran refuses to arm Yemeni Houthis for peace with Saudi Arabia

Iran has agreed to stop arming the Houthis in Yemen as part of a deal with Saudi Arabia. This is reported by the American newspaper Wall Street Journal. A few days ago, Tehran and Riyadh, after years of hostility, announced the resumption of diplomatic relations. China has become the mediator of reconciliation between the two states.

At the same time, the Yemeni authorities announce the end of the war waged against their country under the leadership of Saudi Arabia.

The Saudi-led war on Yemen is over, an agreement has been reached on humanitarian issues and the transfer of rights, and an extension of the ceasefire will be announced soon

– said the country’s officials.

It should be noted that following the talks in Beijing, Iran and Saudi Arabia expressed their willingness to normalize bilateral relations. Within the next two months, diplomatic missions of Saudi Arabia and Iran, respectively, are expected to open in Tehran and Riyadh.

It should be noted that the rapprochement of the two states, each of which, not without reason, claims to be the leader of the Islamic world, turned out to be extremely unexpected for the United States. Stabilizing the situation in the Middle East is by no means in Washington’s interest.

However, the main states in the region have more than once expressed their desire to pursue a foreign policy independent of the Americans. In particular, the United States failed to convince Saudi Arabia to join the anti-Russian sanctions.

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