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Saturday, December 9, 2023
Newsvideo| Street fight between fans in Naples before the Champions League clash

video| Street fight between fans in Naples before the Champions League clash

Violent clashes broke out between the German fans of Eintracht Frankfurt and the fans of Naples, and the local authorities intervened to resolve these clashes, hours before the two teams’ match, in the second leg of the Champions League final.

Network reported "Football Italy"that the Eintracht Frankfurt fans set many cars on fire, including a police car, and indicated that Ultras Atlanta joined the Eintracht Frankfurt fans during the riots, due to the state of hostility with Napoli.

The Italian network stated that the situation has deteriorated in the city of Naples, especially since the videos of the clashes showed the destruction of entire cafes, in addition to the use of a large group of fireworks.

Eintracht Frankfurt fans traveled to Naples to attend the match, despite the ban on selling tickets to Frankfurt residents.

video| Street war between the fans in Naples before the European Champions battle pic.twitter.com/6MkM8nzkG0

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