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An Algerian dessert tops the list of the most delicious sweets in the world. Moroccan and Lebanese Maamoul


A famous Algerian dessert topped the list of the best and most delicious sweets in the world, as it was able to overcome several varieties from different countries in the world.

location detection "Taste Atlas" International gourmet, that sweet "Almond crackers" The Algerian was chosen as the best and most delicious dessert in the world, which was preferred over Kaab el-Ghazal sweets spread in North Africa, in addition to the famous Lebanese Maamoul sweets.

has been classified "Almond crackers" As the best and most delicious dessert due to its unique and healthy contents, it is free from wheat flour and consists of almonds, eggs, sugar, blossom water and a little orange juice.

The site was suspended, according to Sputnik" on sweets "Almond crackers"by saying: "Once you eat them, they melt in your mouth".

As for the second place in the list, it went to the Alfagor pastry for Latin American countries and Spain, as it consists of a sweet filling, and it is followed in the list by sweets from Greece called "Milomakarono" Which contain flour, olive oil and honey.

As was the Moroccan sweets "Deer heel" Hessa in the list, where it ranked thirteenth, and these sweets are distinguished by their presence in Algeria and Tunisia in different forms and names.

The Lebanese maamoul, which is very popular in the Arab world, had a share in which it ranked 36th in the list, and these sweets are prepared with fillings of dates, pistachios, nuts, and sometimes almonds or figs.

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