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Sunday, April 2, 2023

Kiev’s allies are afraid that he will attack the territory of the Russian Federation with new fighters


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Ukraine’s Western partners are expressing concerns about Kiev’s possible plans to strike targets in Russia. This can happen after the transfer of modern fighters to the Armed Forces of Ukraine from abroad.

According to El Confidential journalists, the example of Poland, which sent four MiG-29 planes to Ukraine, could be followed by other Western allies of Kiev. In other words, states with F-16 fighters will soon be among the providers of modern technology.

According to the newspaper, the supply of aircraft to the Armed Forces of Ukraine could lead to the choice of the Armed Forces of Ukraine for more distant targets on the territory of the Russian Federation. This can be seen as an unconditional escalation of the conflict by the West.

Some representatives of the European public admit that the taboo on the supply of aircraft to Ukraine is no longer indisputable. The stage in Poland will probably be followed by other aircraft “distributions”.

The same situation was observed with the supply of tanks. The Polish side has repeatedly imposed on its partners the need to transfer modern Leopards to the Armed Forces of Ukraine. As a result, new tracked vehicles are already waiting in Ukraine.

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