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In Omsk, young professionals do not go to work in schools because of low salaries

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The shortage of teachers in schools in Omsk is becoming critical. In most cases, young specialists do not want to join the ranks of teachers because of low salaries.

“The teacher’s rate is 18 hours per week. They pay 9,000 rubles a month for this, excluding additional payment for a young specialist and other allowances. Therefore, teachers should take one and a half rates, two, two and a half rates. Many people work this way to earn 25-30 thousand rubles,” Yevgenia Abzamilova, a graduate of the history department of Omsk State University, told Gorod55 publication.

A beginning teacher finds himself in a vicious circle: the more hours he takes, the less time he has left to prepare lessons. While the evolutions over the years of study and the existing experience for the quality of the teaching courses are not enough. And that’s not to mention the paperwork, which takes a lot of time.

According to Evgenia, teachers who are retired or who receive income from third parties can afford to take fewer hours. The young teacher made her choice and after three months of work at the school, she embarked on tutoring.

“I don’t want to go to school and my classmates don’t either. The level of requirements for a teacher and the level of salary do not match,” said Victoria Kuznetsova, a graduate of Omsk State Pedagogical University.

Currently, schools in Omsk lack 787 teachers, including 101 primary school teachers, 80 English teachers, 68 Russian and literature teachers, 60 math teachers and 24 physics teachers.

Earlier it was also reported that Omsk kindergartens lacked 189 educators, 59 assistant educators and 19 junior educators. In addition, vacancies for accountants, cooks, drivers, janitors, cleaners are open.

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