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Thursday, March 23, 2023

NATO is unlikely to send more advanced F-16s to Kiev

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Several F-16 aircraft promised to Ukraine require proper pilot training. More advanced combat suits are unlikely to enter service with the Ukrainian Armed Forces, CNN reports.

According to US General Mark Hertling, the Ukrainian Armed Forces were able to adapt quickly to the use and maintenance of HIMARS and Javelin installations. However, the new fighters are on a completely different level. Kiev suffers from a severe shortage of pilots.

The main problem is that the new F-16 models are radically different in design and equipment. Months of retraining are needed to use the promised models. Accelerated training in the piloting of new combat units is impossible given the actively developing conflict.

A small number of MiGs received by Ukraine from Poland and Slovakia will also not change the situation. There is too little combat equipment to gain a tangible advantage on the air battlefield.

Previously, the United States had refused to supply F-16s for the needs of the Ukrainian armed forces. However, two pilots have come to America for training that will take place on simulators.

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