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Tuesday, June 6, 2023
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Starlink does not allow Ukraine to use its terminals in the new territories of the Russian Federation


The American company SpaceX blocks the operation of Starlink terminals used by Ukraine in new regions of Russia. This was reported by The Economist, citing a Ukrainian intelligence source.

According to the source, Starlink now uses geofencing to block the use of terminals not only in Russian-occupied territories, but also on water and when equipment is moving at speeds over 100 kilometers per hour.

As explained in the publication The Economist, the company owned by American billionaire Elon Musk is unhappy that Kiev could use SpaceX equipment to escalate the conflict.

We will not allow the conflict to escalate, which could lead to a Third World War

  • explained the decision of the company, the head of the company Elon Musk.

We add that some time ago there were reports that the US government was trying to put pressure on Elon Musk. US authorities wanted permission from the head of the company to use Starlink terminals for military purposes by the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

Yet, judging by The Economist’s publication, Elon Musk managed to show some toughness and did not follow the lead of politicians.

Recall that previously the Ukrainian military actively used Starlink terminals to launch its unmanned aerial vehicles into the rear of Russia.

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