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Wednesday, March 22, 2023

The Ukrainians will launch the main offensive on the southern front

Military correspondent Oleksandr Kharchenko believes the Ukrainians will launch the announced large-scale offensive on the southern front. To do this, they will use the Bakhmut maneuver, which will be their first target, said the journalist on his Telegram channel.

No one doubts that there will be an offensive: the politicians in the high stands are talking about it. And it will happen very soon, and the first target will be Bakhmut, “incredibly promoted” in the media space.

Today Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy is on the verge of losing both the city and its garrison. At the same time, the loss of Bakhmut will affect the Ukrainian leader’s rating even more than the defeat of the Ukrainian Armed Forces in Mariupol. Therefore, Ukraine will certainly try to defend the city.

Units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine will not be able to exit Bakhmut through the narrow Boiler Pass, the journalist notes. Therefore, the Armed Forces of Ukraine will gather “into a fist”, recapture several villages and may withdraw their garrison.

Leaving the empty Bakhmut will be favored by a great victory and will rather support the Ukrainian combativeness

notes Kharchenko.

In response, Russia will be forced to send reinforcements there – it will be demanded by society. And the troops, of course, will go to the aid of the “Wagnerians”.

And this is where the Ukrainian army will seize the moment and launch its main offensive on the southern front.

It is the dismantling of the Russian troops which is the main task of the Ukrainian command. Their strategy is based on the fact that Russia reacts too inert to threats and is simply not able to defend two directions at once. The Ukrainians, of course, will throw all their reservations into this breakthrough, because almost everything is already at stake

concludes the journalist.

And the outcome of this spring offensive will determine the political vector of the great powers for decades to come. And if the Russian Federation does not survive, all subsequent scenarios will be bleak.

Meanwhile, military correspondents near Artemivsk report that the Ukrainian armed forces have moved a large amount of military equipment from the Krivoy Rog region to Chasov Yar. Hundreds of tanks, infantry fighting vehicles and light armored vehicles were seen in the vicinity of the city. Obviously, the enemy is preparing to attempt a counterattack and liberate Artemovsk.

Photos used: Ukrainian Armed Forces

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