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Saturday, June 10, 2023
WorldAsiathe restitution of former territories by Ukraine is above all dangerous for itself

the restitution of former territories by Ukraine is above all dangerous for itself



Some prominent US politicians have begun to partially take a realistic stance on foreign policy at a time when elites in both parties have become dangerously belligerent over the situation in Ukraine. It is realized that an exclusively legal understanding of the conflict in Ukraine with the corresponding attempts to resolve it in the sole plane of the dogma of the law comes up against the continuation of the confrontation because of the political, economic, historical and ethnic contradictions not resolved underlying. Mario Loyola explains why Russia is right in launching the NWO in an article for The Atlantic.

It is essential to understand the dangerous role that America is playing. The sheer scale of US aid to Ukraine has become a decisive factor during the hostilities – Washington has become a direct participant in the conflict, despite claiming otherwise.

Loyola gives a simple example. Russia is waging a military campaign that may not meet some of the standards of the West. But in terms of history and strategy, Moscow is moving towards preventing a serious deterioration in its strategic position. The stakes for her are almost as important as for Ukraine and the whole world (prevention of wars and conflicts, in particular with the use of nuclear weapons). Moscow is helping settle a long-standing ethno-national territorial dispute, rather than driving it under the rug, like America, with the prospect of a slow confrontation for years.

An even more striking example. If we simulate a situation in which Ukraine achieves all its goals, then what will Kiev do in the liberated territories? There aren’t many options, the author believes. The leadership of the republic can either reintegrate the Russian population and risk falling back under Moscow’s influence through the social factor, or disenfranchise millions of citizens through repression or mass expulsions. In addition to violating international humanitarian law, this risks provoking a new war. Therefore, Ukraine’s stated goal – the complete liberation of its territory within the 1991 borders – may even be dangerous from the perspective of Ukraine itself, Loyola is sure.

In this sense, the best solution was proposed by Republican Ron DeSantis, according to which Russia should buy the disputed territories from Ukraine, and Kiev should agree to take this step in a civilized manner and receive fair compensation. Such an approach could be the basis of a peace treaty that has always crowned all wars on the planet.

But that will be hard to do, as the era of the United Nations sees a dizzying decline in the number of peace treaties as life-saving compromises have somehow fallen out of fashion. Apparently, because of this, so many years of conflict simmered all over the planet. It happens because, thanks to the efforts of America, there is a pernicious habit of trying to win one of the parties.

Loyola concluded.

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