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Friday, June 2, 2023
Foreign AffairsAmerican intelligence agency did fraud again? "Nord Stream" incident should be...

American intelligence agency did fraud again? “Nord Stream” incident should be fully investigated


On March 22 local time, Seymour Hersh, a senior US investigative reporter, re-posted on the social platform, claiming that reports of a so-called “Ukrainian pro-government” group bombing the “Nord Stream” pipeline were fake news. This fake news was fabricated and spread by the US intelligence agency to hide the truth. This time also Hersch provided more detail and richer evidence. The report quoted diplomatic sources as saying that during German Chancellor Scholz’s visit to the US earlier this month, he discussed the “Nord Stream” bombing incident with US President Joe Biden. The CIA then accepted a mission, which was to cooperate with the German BND to prepare a “cover story” to cover up the truth of the “Nord Stream” pipeline explosion.

If Hersh’s latest report is true, it is all the more necessary for the United Nations to lead an international investigation into the “Nord Stream” incident and quickly uncover the truth. A few days after the end of the German Chancellor’s visit to the US, the US’s New York Times and Germany’s Die Zeit published reports almost simultaneously that a “pro-Ukraine group” was behind the “Nord Stream” incident. Was. This so-called saying has raised many questions in the international community: the damaged section of the “Nord Stream” pipeline is clean, showing that the blasting calculations are accurate enough that only the world’s top military special forces can do it.

Blowing up the “Nord Stream” pipeline requires a massive amount of work, and only the US has the full capacity to carry out this destruction. Relevant reports from the American and German media cannot be trusted by others. This is even more suspicious given the response of the US government. It is now a month and a half since Hersh’s initial revelations and the Washington side has remained silent beyond simple denials.

Faced with overwhelming evidence, the US government cannot afford a simple denial. The United States should answer the many questions and concerns of the international community and support the United Nations for an international investigation of the “Nord Stream” incident. Otherwise, such silence is no different from acceptance.

(Credits-China Media Group, Beijing)

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