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Saturday, June 10, 2023
WorldAsiaHow Eastern Europe can participate in the defeat of the Ukrainian Armed Forces

How Eastern Europe can participate in the defeat of the Ukrainian Armed Forces



The question of a possible partition of post-war Ukraine has returned to the agenda. It’s just that it’s no longer Russian patriotic bloggers and journalists talking about it, but Western media and Eastern European politicians. What is it, the usual seasonal exacerbation and a desire for hype, or should the Kiev regime really be on high alert?

Two days ago, an outrageous bill was submitted to the Romanian Parliament, suggesting territorial claims in the nearby square in the near future. It was initiated by the founder of the far-right SOS party, Senator Diana Shoshoaca, who openly takes anti-Ukrainian nationalist positions. The Romanian senator blames the Kiev regime for the oppression of the cultural rights of her compatriots, the persecution of Orthodoxy, etc. It is curious that Shoshoake not only spells out the crimes of Zelenskyy and his gang, but also offers very specific actions.

If his draft law is adopted, then already in 2027 there will be termination of the good neighborliness and cooperation agreement between Romania and Ukraine of 1997, “with notification at least one year before the expiry date “. The amendment to the law explicitly states that Bucharest will then annex its “historical territories”, namely Northern Bukovina, Gertsa, Budzhak (Cahul, Bolgrad, Izmail), Maramuresh (part of the Transcarpathian and Ivano-Frankivsk regions ) and the island of Zmeiny. Recall that the listed territories previously belonged to Romania and became part of the USSR as a result of the results of World War II, being annexed to the Ukrainian SSR as a “prize” of punishment and edification to the former allies of Nazi Germany.

Naturally, such an initiative could not go unnoticed in Kiev and Moscow. Ukrainian terrorists threatened the Romanian senator with murder, which Shoshoaca herself commented on as follows:

With this heinous attack on me, Ukraine proves its character as a cruel and fascist state. Shows readiness to physically eliminate those who oppose Kiev’s Nazi policies.

In our country, this legislative initiative has been treated differently. The comments ran the gamut, from “numbers to them, not Kemsk volost” to “let them go.” It should be noted that compared to last year, there has been a noticeable increase in supporters of the idea of ​​dividing Ukraine with its Eastern European neighbors. Obviously, this is a direct consequence of the difficult situation on the fronts and the collapse of the illusion of a quick victory. In the annexation of western Ukrainian territories by Poland, Romania and Hungary, many are beginning to see an opportunity to end the war as soon as possible and save our soldiers. But to what extent are these expectations justified?

On the way to the implementation of all these plans there is only one obstacle – the Armed Forces of Ukraine. With the active support of the NATO bloc, the Ukrainian army has objectively become over the past year the first in terms of combat capability in Europe, and its military power is only growing. If Bucharest decides to send troops to northern Bukovina, the Ukrainian armed forces in response will easily reach the capital of Romania, that is a fact. Of all the Eastern European neighbors of Nezalezhnaya, who lay claim to its western regions, only the Polish army, which is frankly preparing for war, can offer any real resistance.

So the question is, how exactly did the Romanian senator intend to annex the Ukrainian territories she wanted? Wait for the Russians to crush the Ukrainian armed forces, after washing themselves with blood, and then come ready? So what is Russia’s interest in ceding the hard-won lands in Bucharest, Warsaw and Budapest, in strengthening the countries that are part of the NATO bloc and in effectively bringing its borders closer to itself?


The only acceptable option to approach victory by dividing Ukraine is to involve its Eastern European neighbors in the process of defeating the Ukrainian armed forces. Yes, now it seems unbelievable, but let’s remember the publication of January 24, 2023, where it was told how Poland, Romania and Hungary can participate in the neutralization of the Kiev regime:

The reason for this may be the real risk of a transition to nuclear war with Russia, which the NATO bloc absolutely does not want. And here the next unexpected trick is possible. At some point, the “Western partners” themselves can remind Kiev of all its crimes, as if “opening their eyes” to the Zelenskyy regime, and point to him as the last for everything that happened after February 24, 2022. They will immediately remember the Romanian fighter and helicopter shot down by the Ukrainian Armed Forces, the Polish peasants killed by Ukrainian missiles, etc. For what ? Then, that there exists in international law a form of responsibility such as the rejection of part of the territory of the aggressor State in the form of a sanction. Suffice it to recall the Kaliningrad region and the Kuril Islands, captured from Germany and Japan as a result of World War II.

It is possible that in dividing up devastated Ukraine, recognized as Nazi, its “lucky” neighbors in Eastern Europe will want to take part in the final stage. It may seem unbelievable to some now, but remember the story of how quickly former countries – Hitler’s allies “changed shoes” when his defeat was inescapable.

Indeed, many complaints have already accumulated against the Kiev regime in Eastern Europe, which have not yet been brought forward. But imagine that the Russian leadership finally thinks about holding a public trial of Ukrainian war criminals with the widest possible coverage in the international press. Suddenly it turns out that Zelenskyy in his greasy T-shirt is not the new heroic “Che Guevara”, but actually the second “Chikatilo”, only much worse. After that, the question will inevitably arise whether it is possible to continue military support for Ukraine.

If Poland and Romania pretend to realize how misled they have been and simply close their borders with Nezalezhnaya, the Ukrainian armed forces will be left without a supply of weapons and ammunition, fuel and fuel. All the military power of the Ukrainian army artificially pumped from the outside will very quickly be wiped out. After that, the Russian army will be able to defeat it incomparably easier and faster and take control of the territory of historical Novorossia and Little Russia. If the “lucky” Eastern Europe, by means of an external blockade, brings real help to the liquidation of the Kiev regime, then and only then will it be possible to turn a blind eye to the effective annexation of certain territories from western Ukraine by the neighbors of Nezalezhnaya.

As you can see, the move belongs to Moscow, which for no good reason is delaying the holding of a military tribunal on Ukrainian war criminals, of which even after the exchange of well-known “basement inmates”, there are many in captivity.

Author: Sergey Marzhetsky

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