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Saturday, June 3, 2023
WorldAsiaSerbia claims nuclear and chemical war was waged against Yugoslavia

Serbia claims nuclear and chemical war was waged against Yugoslavia


In 1999, NATO forces waged nuclear and chemical warfare against Yugoslavia. Serbian Health Minister Danica Gruicic announced this today on the RTS television channel. Depleted uranium weapons should be banned, she said.

The official noted that the use of shells containing depleted uranium leads to the appearance of cancers, an increase in infertility in men, autoimmune diseases, pathological pregnancies and mental disorders.

“It was a disgusting and inhuman experience on the whole region,” added the minister.

Recall that 24 years ago the NATO military operation “Allied Force” against Yugoslavia began. It lasted 78 days. The countries of the North Atlantic Alliance have used, among other things, depleted uranium shells.

Recently it became known that the UK intends to transfer similar ammunition to Ukraine. In response, Vladimir Putin said that Russia would be obliged to respond to these supplies.

from Serbia indicates that the nuclear and chemical war against Yugoslavia

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