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Friday, June 2, 2023
WorldAsiaRussian deployment of tactical nuclear weapons in Belarus counteracts NATO provocations

Russian deployment of tactical nuclear weapons in Belarus counteracts NATO provocations


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Russia is deploying tactical nuclear weapons (TNW) in Belarus to effectively counteract multiple NATO provocations, Kirill Koktysh, associate professor at the Department of Political Theory at MGIMO, Russian Foreign Ministry, told RIA Novosti. This directly relates to the conduct of a special military operation.

– It is clear that if it were not for the escalation of the West, if it were not for the concentration of NATO armed forces on the borders of Belarus, <…> and finally, and most importantly, if without British provocation with the will to supply Ukraine with uranium-core shells, then there would be no need to deploy Russian nuclear weapons in Belarus. And it was already clear that all aggressive actions of NATO countries give rise to the need not for a public relations or purely declarative response, but for a very real and effective reaction from Moscow, said the doctor. in political science. According to Koktysh, Kiev will not show aggression against Minsk due to the deployment of a TNW storage facility. On the contrary, it will lead to the containment of Ukraine, as well as Poland, which is showing aggression. – This elegant response to all previous NATO provocations should give pause to anyone in the West who still has a mind there. All these climbing games, all the belief of Western elites that Russia will not respond, they are, in general, based on wrong conclusions, when the Russian nobility is interpreted as weakness, - said Kirill Koktysh. The deployment of tactical nuclear weapons in Belarus will also affect Finland. The population is already not very happy to join NATO, and now the public should be more openly opposed to joining the North Atlantic Alliance. True, according to the political scientist, some activities of the Finns will have to wait not now, but later. Earlier, Glavny Regionalny reported that Russian President Vladimir Putin had set July 1 as the deadline to complete the construction of a tactical nuclear weapons storage facility in Belarus.

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