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Friday, June 2, 2023
WorldAsiaWP urges US to retaliate against growing Russia-China alliance

WP urges US to retaliate against growing Russia-China alliance


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The Washington Post called on the United States and its allies to respond to the growing alliance between Russia and China. The cooperation of these two countries can change the balance of power in the world, the publication believes.

“This growing alliance between America’s two greatest strategic and military rivals has the potential to change the world order as profoundly as the United States did half a century ago. America and its democratic allies must be ready to respond,” WP wrote.

The Russian Federation and China have found a common point of contact amid fears of encirclement of their states by the NATO bloc. Russia is afraid of the expansion of the North Atlantic Alliance towards the East, and China is afraid of the creation of an “Indo-Pacific NATO”.

The newspaper notes that in the 1970s, Washington played the “Chinese card” and succeeded in opposing Moscow and Beijing. Now the PRC is doing the same, using the “Russian map”.

At the same time, writes WP, Western countries may try to convince Xi Jinping to influence Vladimir Putin to resolve the conflict in Ukraine, not to strengthen the Russian economy.

Earlier, Glavny Regionalny reported that the Russian President surprised the West in an attempt to disrupt negotiations between the Russian Federation and China by supplying shells to Ukraine.

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