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Wednesday, September 27, 2023


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NewsIt provides distinguished services to sea enthusiasts.. The opening of the fishermen's house in the old port of Doha

It provides distinguished services to sea enthusiasts.. The opening of the fishermen’s house in the old port of Doha

Today, the Old Doha Port Administration announced the opening of the Fishermen’s House, which will provide a service for seagoers and marine craft owners to go down to the sea from the Doha area and Corniche Street in an easy and smooth way around the clock daily.

The fishermen’s house, located within the borders of the port and behind the “Haloul” café, is an addition to the port’s elements that were opened recently, as it is considered one of the largest marine houses in the country, with different employees to serve different sizes of marine media.

The port administration revealed that the management and operation of the house will be carried out for the first time at the level of sea houses in the country by a specialized company that was commissioned by the old port of Doha, and it will be supervised by the operations and projects department at the port. The company will provide distinguished and unique services that provide users with optional services according to the desire of each user, including the parking service on behalf of the owners of marine media to download the marine craft from and to the sea, and parking the car and trailer as one of the distinguished services that will be available in the fishermen’s house, and the self-parking service for the car and trailer will also be available. After using the house, in addition to the service of unloading and unloading marine vessels only without parking the trailer in the port by itself. The port administration also confirmed the provision of a designated and limited number of parking spaces for cars and trailers when using the house, and the allocation of the parking lot will be according to the services available when using the house.

Eng. Mohammed Abdullah Al-Mulla, Executive Director of the Old Port of Doha, said that Qatari fishermen will be exempted from the fees for using the house to be applied (downloading / withdrawing the marine medium), in support of strategies and plans to support Qatari fishermen and the local market, and diversify the options available to the consumer, provided that a license is presented. Hunting (hunter) when entering the house.

He pointed out that the port will also provide, for the first time, the service of using the marina of the old port of Doha to facilitate the embarkation and disembarkation of marine craft users from the marina instead of at home, which will facilitate the owners of marine craft and contribute to improving their home experience as part of the port’s endeavor to maintain the highest security and safety requirements. In the same context, the Executive Director of Doha Port pointed out that services will be provided that increase the level of home experience for owners of marine craft, such as the possibility of mooring the marine craft in the old Doha Port Marina in the Containers area on weekends, or any other days through nominal fees that will be added to home use costs. The old port of Doha offers several services and facilities that home users will benefit from, such as: a floating petrol station, a floating supermarket, and a group of stores selling marine supplies, restaurants and cafes.

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