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Pink PageWho were the voices behind famous cartoon characters?

Who were the voices behind famous cartoon characters?


In his recent stand-up act, comedian and actor Chris Rock got his full revenge on Will Smith after last year’s Oscars heist.

Among other things, he mentioned their size difference, which led to different roles, even when dubbing films.

Which brings to mind how easy or hard it is to tell who’s talking in popular cartoons. And some are more surprising than others.

shark story

As Chris Rock rightly pointed out, Will Smith talked about a shark movie, Shark Tale. But his character, on the other hand, was not a dangerous shark, but krill Oscar, a fearsome gunga who, in the end, turned out to be a brave friend to his friends.


Chris Rock, meanwhile, was the voice of Marty the zebra in the wildly popular Madagascar. He seemed to excel in the role of the eccentric Marty, who cares deeply for the zoo’s misfits.


In 2013 Frozen was a huge hit and little girls everywhere wanted nothing more than to be Elsa or Anna.

The voice of Elsa was actress Idina Menzen, whom few people know from the world of cinema, but who is, on the other hand, a superstar on stage and has played the lead role in many works on Broadway, including in musicals.

What makes Idina Menzen special is that she herself sings the award-winning song, Let It Go, and it’s the only time an actor in the lead role of an animated film has also sung. the title song. The song became extremely popular and reached the top of charts around the world.

Who Framed Roger Rabbit

The film was made in 1988 and was a big novelty at the time, as it was a mix of an animated film and an animated film. To this day, Jessica Rabbit has the reputation of being the sexiest cartoon character of all time.

All you have to do is type her name on YouTube to find interviews with people who have spent their lives achieving her look, even with extreme plastic surgery. One of the things that plays a big part in how sexy Jessica is still considered to be, her voice.

Jessica was voiced by actress Kathleen Turner. Kathleen was a highly sought-after actress at the time and often played the role of a witch, so she was considered very suitable for the role of Jessica. She has acted in comedies and more dramatic films, as well as television shows.

No doubt many Friends fans remember her as Chandler’s father, whom Turner took advantage of.


Many people over the age of two still remember actress Glen Close as the dangerous stalker Alex Forrest, bent on catching Dan Gallagher, played by Michael Douglas. To emphasize her point, she lambasted the family bunny, who coined a new English word for mad chase; Bunnyboiler.

She was also quite obnoxious as Cruella De Vil in the cartoon 101 Dalmatians, the woman who dreamed of furs made from puppies.

But Close has another face and was to portray Karla in the Tarsan cartoon, as the monkey who takes Tarsan’s place as a mother and gives her all her love and warmth.


Actor Christian Bale is best known for his roles that can be called the dark side. He is best known for his role in the Batman movies, but he also played villainous banker and mass murderer Patrick Bateman in the movie American Psycho.

That one was so great that people passed out or threw up in movie theaters.

But he showed a more sensitive side, for example, in the role of Thomas in the cartoon Pocahontas.

He plays the best friend of the great love of Pocahontas’ life, John Smith, a man who supports his friend through thick and thin.

The Lion King

A favorite of many in the super popular cartoon The Lion King as the King’s extremely square advisor. Zazu. Zazu is extremely loyal to order and order but isn’t always taken seriously, much to his dismay.

It is said that only one actor was considered for the role of Zazu, and the same had a good time playing the kind-hearted but rather boring counselor.

And it was none other than Rowan Atkinson, still better known as Mr Bean.

The world of Nemo

Today, comedian and host Ellen DeGeneres was suspended after employees of the TV show of the same name came forward and reported abuse by the star. Additionally, several guests on her show have come forward and said she humiliated them.

But those were the days when everyone loved Ellen, and her popularity skyrocketed even more when she voiced the adorable but largely forgotten Dory in the hugely popular cartoon, Finding Nemo.

And despite everything, we can hardly say anything else that she played a big role in the popularity of the film with her interpretation of Dory.

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