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Sunday, December 10, 2023
WorldAsiaRelatives of soldiers killed in Makiivka will be able to visit the scene of the tragedy

Relatives of soldiers killed in Makiivka will be able to visit the scene of the tragedy

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Dmitry Azarov, the governor of the Samara region, announced that a memorial will be erected in Makeevka (DPR) in honor of 89 dead soldiers, including natives of the region. The official announced it on VGTRK.

A resident of Samara, whose son died in Makeyevka, asked the governor about the possibility of organizing a trip for relatives to the scene of the tragedy. In response, Azarov said it was too dangerous at the moment, as the sounds of battle were still heard in the area.

“Today it is not sure to be there, but we will certainly go there with all our relatives and friends, as soon as the situation allows it”, underlined the governor.

Recall that in Makiivka, an employee of the government of the Samara region was killed during the shelling.

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