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Wednesday, September 27, 2023


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NewsWriter Eduard Bagirov dies aged 48 after a week in a coma

Writer Eduard Bagirov dies aged 48 after a week in a coma

Famous Russian writer Eduard Bagirov has died at the age of 47. informed in her telegram channel, the head of RT Margarita Simonyan RT. Information about the writer’s death confirmed Blogger Ilya Varlamov’s telegram channel has two sources from the deceased’s entourage.

“Edik Bagirov is really dead. They didn’t want to report when the family was in such shock, but what can you hide here. It’s impossible to believe, of course. Talented, daring, even greyhound, a real man, loving life – even too much, as it turned out – now you can at least get some sleep, my friend. And we know what we will re-read today and what adventures we will remember,” Simonyan wrote.

One of Varlamov’s sources said Bagirov had been in a coma since last week and all of his organs had been refused.

The news is added.

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