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Sunday, May 28, 2023
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Saudi Diplomacy – Iman Hammoud Al-Shammari


Iman Hammoud Al-Shammari

Even if events change, the position of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has not changed. The current deep Saudi diplomacy policy dates back to a long time. It is an extension of a wise policy path that seeks to achieve stability, security and build friendly relations with countries, by promoting the concept of good neighborliness through sharing and consultation and expanding the content of common interests, as they were The Kingdom still constitutes a political importance and an audible Arab voice, and a country that has weight among the countries of the world. This great importance and sensitive political weight that the Kingdom enjoys has placed the greatest responsibility on its shoulders, as it exerts maximum efforts in making contributions, until it has become a center for resolving disputes and achieving reconciliation and hand-to-hand. Arabic links for more cohesion.

The Kingdom seeks to create international relations of a new style, by deepening its relationship between countries, taking decisions and measures that serve the public interest, and achieving international balance. New with the Iranian side.

Summits sponsored by the Kingdom in which Arab and international interests participated, and the common benefit was at the top of the pyramid. Saudi diplomacy does not play a starring role by dominating the arena by force, but by wisdom and by taking the appropriate reaction.

The Kingdom’s position will remain keen on supporting integration, expanding the network of partnerships, avoiding clashes and conflicts, resolving disputes through understanding rather than confrontation, rejecting bias and hate speech, opening up to the world, accepting the other side, and controlling conflicts by thinking with the mentality of finding solutions, not revenge, this is the broad concept of Saudi diplomacy. Wise policy is one of the most important keys that the Kingdom’s policy works on, which will achieve an important strategic position for it, make it more integrated with neighboring countries, a center for the world to meet, and a starting point for solutions, to transcend the future and exceed expectations.

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