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Friday, September 22, 2023


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WorldAsiaThe meaning of life hidden in the couplets of Saint Kabir

The meaning of life hidden in the couplets of Saint Kabir

– Yogesh Kumar Goyal

Saint Kabir Das, the great poet of the medieval era, spent his whole life traveling in the country and in the company of sages and saints, and he orally narrated his experiences to the people in the form of poems or couplets. The meaning of life is hidden in them. In order to explain his point to the people very easily, he used popular and simple language in didactic style. Their language had a combination of words from Braj, Awadhi, Punjabi, Rajasthani and Arabic-Persian. He has used very simple and folk language in his works Sabad, Sakhi, Ramani. Describing the importance of Guru as paramount, he showed the society the path of knowledge.

Saint Kabir was such a free-spirited thinker who always spoke bitterly and truthfully, who strongly criticized the evils, rituals, superstitions, blind faith and ostentation spread in the society and raised the flame of love, harmony, unity and brotherhood in the society. Through his couplets and speech, he also made a bold attempt to show mirror to Qazi, Maulvi, Pandits, Purohits who mislead the general public in the name of religion. Saint Kabir’s birth anniversary is celebrated every year on the full moon day of Shukla Paksha of Jyestha month and this year the birth anniversary of Saint Kabir is on 04 June.

Saint Kabir used to do satsang daily and people used to come from far off places to listen to his discourses. There was such a wonderful power in his speech that people were automatically drawn towards him from far and wide to listen to his satsang. One day, even after the satsang was over, a person continued to sit there. When Kabir asked the man the reason for this, he replied, “Maharaj! I want to know something from you. Actually I am a householder and I often have quarrels with everyone in the family. I don’t understand why there is domestic distress in my place and how it can be removed.

Saint Kabir remained silent for some time, then calling out to his wife, he said to light a lantern and bring it! It was afternoon and the sun was shining outside but his wife quietly brought the lantern as per his instructions without asking any questions. Seeing this scene in a daze, the man started thinking that why the saint had asked for a lantern even in this afternoon? After a few minutes, Kabir again called his wife and asked her to give some sweets. The wife came and left with a little salty instead of sweet. That person started thinking that this saint and his wife are probably mad, that’s why they light lanterns in the afternoon and instead of sweet they get salty here. Thinking of this, he silently said with the intention of slipping away that Maharaj! I go now But Kabir asked him that you got the solution to your problem or still have any doubt left?

That person did not understand anything and he started looking at him with surprise, then Saint Kabir explained to him and said that the way I asked for a lantern even in the afternoon light, my wife could have taunted me saying that I am stubborn, The one who is ordering lanterns this afternoon also but he thought that I would definitely need a lantern for some work. Similarly, when she gave salty when I asked for sweets, I could have argued with her, but I thought that possibly she had given salty only when there was no sweet item in the house. After all, what is the meaning of quarreling about such things in household life? Kabir Das explained to him the basic mantra of household life and said that if the husband commits any mistake, the wife should take care of him and if the wife commits any mistake, the husband should ignore it. Mutual trust in the household creates harmony and by this even the odd to odd situation gets resolved automatically.

(The author is a freelance commentator.)

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