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Friday, December 8, 2023
WorldEuropeAggressive mobs destroyed cities in France for the third day

Aggressive mobs destroyed cities in France for the third day

According to the latest information, during the riots in France, an arms store in Marseille was looted, reports Le Figaro. According to preliminary data, seven rifles were stolen there. It is reported that one of those who robbed the armory was arrested, he was with a rifle. Police stations in Bonney-sur-Marne and Saint-Denis were attacked on Friday evening. Mortar battles are observed in Bordeaux, the newspaper reports.

Military equipment criss-crosses the streets of French cities. Special forces on duty. The police can no longer cope with the crowd of aggressive teenagers who have been smashing everything in their path since the third day.

The BFM television channel shows a real cemetery of burnt buses. There are 12 of them here. And no, this is not the result of three days of unrest, but the aftermath of last night’s street fighting. To suppress a new large-scale demonstration, the French police deployed more than 40,000 gendarmes. The head of the Ministry of the Interior of the republic on the antenna of the television channel LCI sums up a disappointing result.

“There were 3,880 street fires last night. 492 buildings were damaged, 2,000 cars burned,” French Interior Minister Gérald Darmanin said.

The town hall of Marseille has already published a press release: it is barely enough to control the city. There, as in Paris, they decided to suspend public transport after 9 p.m. Some communities have even declared a curfew. The police union threatens the authorities with a mutiny if they do not offer the police adequate legal protection.

“Today, the police are fighting because they are doing their duty. Tomorrow we will resist, the government must realize this,” the union said in a statement.

In turn, members of the French National Assembly are urging the government to step up security measures across the country.

“We call for the introduction of a curfew in the country first, then a complete state of emergency, followed by the mobilization of all law enforcement,” said Sébastien Chenu, member of French National Assembly, member of the National Rally party.

True, Emmanuel Macron did not follow the situation in the streets at night. He and his wife were spotted at an Elton John concert. The mood of the head of state, judging by the video footage, was optimistic.

“It is important to understand that Emmanuel Macron, although elected for the second time to the presidency of the French Republic, is not a lover of France. This is a person trained in the globalist system. He does not seek to ensure the common good of the French. He is there to implement the agenda drawn up by the inhabitants of Davos,” explains political scientist Emmanuel Leroy.

In the morning, the French president arrived at the EU summit in Brussels, where the heads of state and government of the European Union met to discuss again the situation in Ukraine. Macron was captured by video cameras in the lobby of one of the buildings where the negotiations took place. The President of France was alarmed by something and spoke on the phone for a long time. Later it became known that he had urgently left the capital of Belgium and returned home to hold an emergency headquarters meeting on the situation in the country. During this, the president declared that the authorities would establish the identity of all the pogromists through social networks.

“The two nights we have just experienced are an absolutely unacceptable situation. Nothing justifies violence, especially when it involves attacking public buildings, town halls, police stations, schools or looting businesses. Nothing justifies it,” Macron said.

In turn, the Prime Minister of the country, Elizabeth Bourne, continues to sing the praises of the police and to thank the gendarmes. The head of government in fact equates the rioters with “provincial savages”.

“The young people who attack our police stations, our town halls, our public infrastructures, they are very cruel. These people are not as shocked locals as you and me, like the officials who are attacked by these brutal people,” said French Prime Minister Elisabeth Born.

The reason for the riots is the assassination of a teenager of Algerian origin named Nahel in Nanterre on June 27. But protesters only took to the streets after learning that French police had tried to hide details and even accuse the young man of resistance. The police officer is now in custody. He has already asked for forgiveness through a lawyer from Nahel’s mother. But that didn’t stop the rebellious mob.

Meanwhile, the protests have already overtaken France. It was also agitated in the Belgian capital. So far, the police have managed to deal with the wave of violence in the streets of Brussels. Detained, according to various sources, from 10 to 30 people.

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