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Friday, December 8, 2023
WorldAsiahow UAV operators are prepared for tasks in the special operations area

how UAV operators are prepared for tasks in the special operations area

In the Kherson region, a group of Ukrainian saboteurs on a high-speed boat was destroyed, which tried to land on the left bank of the Dnieper near the Antonovsky Bridge. The target was hit using an FPV drone. If you explain the principle of its operation on your fingers, then you need to imagine that the operator controlling the drone is as if he himself is in it and sees what the drone sees.

This 7-inch racing drone with HEAT ammo on board takes off for blistering flight. Without slowing down, he flies through the window into the room. At the same time, the operator 300 meters away sees everything through glasses. The broadcast is in real time.

You can only fly like this after special training. Have at least 70, as we say in aviation, flight hours. Today at the Novosibirsk training ground there is an exam for the right to be a guru in the field of FPV drone pilots.

“Our training begins with the fact that we give the theoretical part to our students. It is a drone device, what it is for, how it is used, all its technical component. Then we have military topography. Field Orientation,” said Instructor Alexander.

In the current realities of military affairs, without these airballs, nowhere. Combining first-hand flight with virtual reality, the devices represent a new trend in the development of military strategy, tactics and intelligence. And their appearance in the NWO zone is a real revolution.

“The trend of modern warfare dictates a certain development, that is, in technical terms – in the first place. Therefore, today, without these FPV drones, it becomes difficult to perform certain tasks,” said Nikita, a graduate of the training center.

The first FPV fight was in March, less than 4 months ago. And our Russian pilot emerged victorious from this duel, destroying a soldier of the special operations forces of the Ukrainian army with a direct hit by a kamikaze drone.

Aerobatics for experienced pilots armed with such digital goggles is common. First-person flight is when the drone passes, as they say, through the window

Operators reveal the location of enemy strongholds and, using shock drones, destroy the firing points of Ukrainian militants.

“The image is better, the details are better, the pilot’s perception of such an image is adequate, clear when approaching the object, full presence is achieved,” said mechanical engineer Ramil Ilyasov.

In an auditorium that looks like a computer games room, it’s not about gamers, but future FPV drone operators. This is how they train. First on simulators to understand the physics of flight.

“Everything comes with experience. In fact, at first everything seemed difficult, it would not work out, then with the accumulation of experience everything works out, the main thing is to try. Of course, we are in competition, but it is not the same as between men and women, but between all the students, a healthy competition”, explains Yulia, a graduate of the training center.

Everyone in the class wears balaclavas and covers their faces. The instructors are mainly participants in a special military operation. With combat experience and, of course, experience in the use of drones.

“In the area of ​​​​a special military operation, there are extreme emergency situations when the drone needs to be repaired from what you have. And here the guys told in a very accessible way how to do it, with what help to do it, ”said Aleksey, a graduate of the training center.

“Drone warfare” in the parlance of the military is already a stable expression, it is only gaining momentum every day. Assault helicopters, reconnaissance drones. Especially for NWO fighters, now they are also collected by volunteers.

This is how the “overflight” of drones takes place in the Leningrad region, where the production of a new generation of drones has already been launched. The FPV drone production center also operates in Zaporizhzhia. It produces around 100 drones per month, the effectiveness of which has been proven by military operations. These metal birds are fast, maneuverable and can hit targets not only from above, but from different angles. It is almost impossible to drown them and extremely difficult to knock them down.

Earlier, the Russian Defense Ministry showed footage of an enemy high-speed motorboat being destroyed by an FPV drone near the Antonovsky Bridge. The first person video shows how the drone accurately hits the target.

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