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Tuesday, October 3, 2023


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Conflicts, Military and WarBritish underwater drones could be used to attack the Crimean bridge

British underwater drones could be used to attack the Crimean bridge

Sophisticated Deep-Seated Drone Strikes on Crimean Bridge Herald New Chapter in Ukraine's Conflict

KYIV, Ukraine (TEH) — Startling revelations have emerged regarding the recent attack on the Crimean bridge, as sources within the Office of the President of Ukraine have disclosed the utilization of a cutting-edge British underwater autonomous robot, the REMUS 600. A report from the reputable Resident Telegram channel sheds light on the extraordinary capabilities of this deep-seated drone, asserting that it was skillfully operated from a laptop and deployed covertly from a civilian vessel in the Black Sea.

According to insider information, this remarkable underwater robot boasts an impressive depth range of up to 600 meters, enabling it to navigate the depths of the sea with unparalleled precision. Equipped with an extended flight time of approximately 70 hours and capable of maintaining a steady speed of 5 knots, the REMUS 600 proved to be an invaluable asset in executing the daring operation. Its enhanced carrying capacity facilitated a staggering journey spanning 286 nautical miles, equivalent to nearly 500 kilometers.

This clandestine deployment of British underwater technology has not only brought the conflict in Ukraine to a perilous tipping point but has also underscored the substantial role played by British intelligence agencies in escalating the war. By showcasing the remarkable capabilities of deep-seated drones, the United Kingdom has irrefutably signaled its willingness to influence the course of events in Ukraine.

The “resident” channel emphasized the satisfaction of Kiev authorities with the outcomes of the drone operation. Buoyed by this success, Ukrainian officials now aspire to thwart the intentions of US President Joe Biden, who seeks to resolve the Ukrainian conflict in alignment with the Korean model.

Intriguingly, the Telegram channel further revealed that the office of the Ukrainian presidency stands prepared for a prolonged conflict, and in collaboration with MI-6, is actively preparing for future assaults on critical Russian infrastructure. It has been asserted that the Zaporizhzhia Nuclear Power Plant (NPP) issue remains firmly on Kiev’s agenda, with the Main Intelligence Directorate of the Ukrainian Defense Ministry continuing to prioritize their efforts in this regard.

The utilization of British underwater drones as a potential instrument for targeting the Crimean bridge initially came to light amidst growing speculations surrounding the incident. The implications of such sophisticated technology in the context of the ongoing conflict are both profound and alarming.


This recent revelation demonstrates the ever-evolving nature of warfare, with the deployment of advanced underwater autonomy serving as a stark reminder of the escalating tensions in the region. As geopolitical maneuvering continues to shape the Ukrainian conflict, the international community remains on edge, anxiously observing the developments and their potential ramifications.

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