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Sunday, December 3, 2023
Sports“You get used to something”, Margarita Gracheva spoke about Kostomarov's prosthetic hand

“You get used to something”, Margarita Gracheva spoke about Kostomarov’s prosthetic hand

I understand that you’re interested in the story of Margarita Gracheva and her comments on a video featuring figure skater Roman Kostomarov. This story touches on the challenges and limitations of using prosthetic limbs, as well as the personal experiences of those who have to adapt to this new way of life.

Margarita Gracheva, who became a poignant symbol of resilience after her hands were severed by her ex-husband in a gruesome act of domestic violence, recently commented on a video by figure skater Roman Kostomarov. In the video, Kostomarov, who himself has undergone amputations due to medical complications, writes the word “mother” using a prosthetic limb for the first time. Gracheva, who has been using a bionic prosthesis made in Germany for several years, shared her own struggles with adapting to life with a prosthetic hand in a conversation with RTVI.

Gracheva candidly admitted that despite having a bionic prosthesis, she still faces significant limitations. She can sign her name but relies on loved ones to fill out documents. Her experience underscores the technological limitations of even the most advanced prosthetics. “A prosthetic will never be comparable to a hand, no matter how sophisticated it is,” she said, highlighting the complexity of the human hand, which has more than 100 different grips, compared to the eight offered by modern prosthetics a few years ago.

She also delved into the practical challenges that come with using a prosthetic limb. For instance, zipping clothes located at the back or tying her hair with an elastic band are tasks that remain beyond her reach. Gracheva also mentioned the unpredictability of prosthetic limbs, which can sometimes misinterpret muscle movements, leading to unintended actions. Despite these challenges, she noted that over time, managing the prosthetic becomes somewhat easier.

The story of Margarita Gracheva gained international attention when, in December 2017, her ex-husband took her to a forest in a fit of jealousy and severed her hands. He later turned himself into the police. Gracheva’s ex-husband was subsequently sentenced to 14 years in a maximum-security prison. Doctors were able to save one of Gracheva’s hands, while the other was replaced with a bionic prosthesis.

Roman Kostomarov, an Olympic champion figure skater, has also had to adapt to life with prosthetics. He was hospitalized for pneumonia in January 2023 and later developed complications leading to the amputation of his feet and several fingers. Despite these setbacks, Kostomarov has shown a resilient spirit, recently sharing a video of himself pedaling an exercise bike with prosthetics and expressing his determination to continue his rehabilitation.

Both Gracheva and Kostomarov serve as poignant reminders of the human spirit’s ability to adapt and persevere, even in the face of life-altering challenges. Their stories also highlight the urgent need for advancements in prosthetic technology, which despite its progress, still falls short of restoring the full range of human capabilities.

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