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Federal troops take rebel capital in Ethiopia after a tough struggle

Ethiopian authorities announced the capture of the capital of the breakaway state of Tigray. According to the Prime Minister of the country, the army...
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The United Nations World Food Program has won the Nobel Peace Prize

The United Nations World Food Program has won the Nobel Peace Prize this year. The Norwegian Nobel Committee announced this at a press conference...
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Corona’s Silver Lining – A Reflective Analysis

“Every cloud has a silver lining,” is a brainchild of John Milton who passed away in the late 17th century... long before the COVID19...
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Tobruk supporters of Haftar claim that Egypt has the right to “intervene militarily” in...

The remaining deputies in the Tobruk House of Representatives in favor of the revolutionary general Khalifa Hifter announced that they had allowed Egypt to...
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Egypt hasty to wage war against Ethiopia, Renaissance Dam conflict still persists

Ethiopia announced the failure to reach an agreement with Egypt on the Renaissance Dam dispute "despite progress being made" in the negotiations. This came in...
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In Ethiopia, 88 people killed, preparations for a second wave of protests

The Ethiopian authorities are preparing to face a second wave of violence, after two days of continuous protests after the killing of a famous...
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Boeing 737 MAX starts tests Monday to prepare for its return flight

Pilots and test crews from the United States' Federal Aviation Administration and the Boeing Company are due to start a two-day campaign to test...
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Renaissance Dam conflict, Egypt and Ethiopia agreed to postpone

Egypt, Sudan and Ethiopia agreed, on Friday, to postpone filling the Renaissance Dam, until a final legal agreement binding on all parties regarding the...
Egyptian cyberattack on Ethiopian Security Agency website news

Egyptian cyberattack on Ethiopian Security Agency website and some other

The Ethiopian Information Network Security Agency announced, on Monday, thwarting cyberattacks originating in Egypt, according to the Ethiopian News Agency (INA) reported on Tuesday. "The...
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Egypt: “if Ethiopia does not reach an agreement with us, we will… call for...

The statements of officials in Egypt about the failure of the tripartite talks with Ethiopia and Sudan over the Renaissance Dam were accompanied by...

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