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Lebanon.. So far, there is no specific visit to Syria or Saudi Arabia

Lebanese Prime Minister Najib Mikati announced on Monday that he has not yet visited Syria or Saudi Arabia. On September 10, the Mikati government was...

From an American ship.. The commander of the Lebanese army calls on friends to...

The Commander of the Lebanese Army, General Joseph Aoun, called on Monday for the continuation of support for his country from friends, led by...

The Security Council calls on Lebanon to implement the “urgent” required reforms

The United Nations Security Council on Monday called on the new Lebanese government to "urgently and transparently implement the known, necessary and fundamental reforms...

Beirut explosion.. Freezing investigations after a “request” to replace the investigator

On Monday, the Lebanese judiciary temporarily froze the investigations conducted by Tariq Al-Bitar, the judicial investigator in the case of the Beirut port explosion,...
Beirut Port Explosion... The Judiciary Moves In After the Investigator's "Threat"

Beirut Port Explosion… The Judiciary Moves In After the Investigator’s “Threat”

On Tuesday, the Lebanese Public Prosecutor, Judge Ghassan Oweidat, asked the judicial investigator in the Beirut port explosion crime, Judge Tariq Bitar, to prepare...

Did Washington facilitate the entry of Iranian oil tanks into Lebanon?

With the arrival of the first shipment of Iranian oil to Lebanon last Thursday, many questions surfaced about Washington's silence towards the move, especially...
Lebanon receives $1.14 billion from the IMF

Lebanon receives $1.14 billion from the IMF

Lebanese Finance Minister Youssef El-Khalil announced, on Friday, that the International Monetary Fund transferred to the account of the Ministry of Finance at the...

Lebanon Elections.. We count on international support and without it the task is more...

The Lebanese Economy Minister, Amin Salam, said on Monday that his country is counting on the support of the international community; Because without him,...

Gaza .. a memorandum to “UNESCO” rejecting the conditional Washington and UNRWA agreement

On Monday, the Palestinian factions handed over a legal memorandum to the headquarters of the United Nations Coordinator for the Middle East Peace Process...

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