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Biden’s Cabinet – Who Will Become the New US Treasury Secretary ?

US President-elect Joe Biden began the transition and process of forming a new administration... The News York Times named candidates for the post of...
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Doctors say Trump’s coronavirus test results negative

Donald Trump passed the test for the presence of coronavirus, which showed a negative result, the attending physician of the head of state Sean...
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Trump breaks the quarantine, works in his office and says that getting infected was...

Just six days after contracting Covid-19 and before serving his quarantine, the President of the United States, Donald Trump, returned today to his office...
Restore in 4K the only shot with a cannon of a nuclear projectile

Restore in 4K the only shot with a cannon of a nuclear projectile

The film record was restored and the test carried out on May 25, 1953, when the M65 gun launched a projectile similar to the...
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The Porn film industry can teach us how to take care of the coronavirus

The COVID-19 pandemic strikes the world on three levels: the infected and the dead (almost 4 million and more than 271,000, as of May...
Corona China to World

Going deep inside the COVID-19 problem from Wuhan to the World

The Corona Virus Disease (COVID-19), having originated from Wuhan in China and spread to the rest of world, is a pandemic that has not...
A very special shutdown - TEH special report

A very special shutdown – TEH special report

The office buildings in the American capital are largely deserted, the streets deserted. This makes something possible that is otherwise not recommended: an exploration...

Space Tech: Thousands of eyes in the sky to fight COVID-19

The whole world has sunken and virtually paralyzed by the outbreak of SARS-CoV 2 which causes COVID-19. Many pharmaceutical companies are racing amongst each...

Corona crisis in the USA worsens

Washington - With expanded protective measures, the United States wants to prevent the worst from the worsening corona crisis. The government's efforts in Washington...

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