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Regarding media trial in Bangladesh

Of course, the phrase 'trial by media' has become much known in the world recently. In fact, many experience media trials in different countries...
India Prepares To Execute First Woman Since Independence

India prepares to execute the first woman since its independence

LUCKNOW, India — Officials at the Mathura district jail in Uttar Pradesh state are preparing to execute an 11-year-death-row-inmate, Shabnam Ali, who was convicted...
Farmers Protest India - Authorities react to Greta Thunberg and Rihanna's statements

Farmers Protest India – Authorities react to Greta Thunberg and Rihanna’s statements

A portrait of Swedish activist Greta Thunberg was burned in Delhi following her tweets about Indian farmers' protests. The singer Rihanna also expressed her...
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Joe Biden’s hands were untied – for Russia everything is already lost

To say that the new year began badly for Trump and the Republicans is to say nothing. At the very beginning, there was a...
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Why Trump gave carpet pardons? from Flynn to Manafort

Donald Trump lost the US presidential election. The political struggle is still going on, but after the Supreme Court "washed its hands", all the...

Deadly shootout between Trump supporters and opponents in the US

One person was shot dead on Saturday during clashes between supporters and opponents of US President Donald Trump in the American city of Olympia,...
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Trump’s case in Pennsylvania described as meaningless and dismissed

The Philadelphia Court of Appeals has dismissed a lawsuit filed by US President Donald Trump's lawyers with the aim of changing the outcome of...
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The US Supreme Court says its word on religious groups’ rejection of Corona measures

The Supreme Court in the United States decided to prevent the state of New York from imposing restrictions on houses of worship due to...
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Nancy Pelosi goes to her final term as a speaker

The US elections are not only a matter of the country's president. Equally important is the outcome of elections to the House of Representatives...
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Biden rode a bike and Trump drove a party rally

The president-elect of the United States, Joe Biden, went for a bike ride near his home in the state of Delaware today, while his...

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