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Trump Will Continue Litigation Over US Election Violations

The current US President Donald Trump said he would not abandon lawsuits for violations in individual states in the presidential election. “We're going on and...

Why Trump was unable to influence the outcome of the US presidential election ?

Most likely, American democracy will be able to weather the pressure from President Donald Trump, who tried to change the outcome of the US...
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Nancy Pelosi goes to her final term as a speaker

The US elections are not only a matter of the country's president. Equally important is the outcome of elections to the House of Representatives...
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Lawyers in two key states left Trump, where he lost to Biden

Porter Wright Morris & Arthur Law Firm said in a court case that it will no longer represent President Trump's campaign in a federal...
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US Elections – Who Will Run US Diplomacy Under the Biden Administration

US President-elect Joe Biden began the transition and process of forming a new administration... The American newspaper The News York Times has named three...
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2020 U.S. Presidential Election – What Will Trump Do When He Steps Down

Democrat Joe Biden's team begins the process of forming a new administration... Republican Donald Trump will remain in the post of US President formally...
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US elections – Trump will run for president in 2024

US President Donald Trump intends to run for president again in 2024. The publication writes that this can be called "the clearest indication that Trump...
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Can Trump take victory from Biden ?

Biden's team begins preparations for the transfer of power in the White House shortly after the Democrat was declared the winner of the US...
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Georgia is recounting votes as Trump agitates against the results earlier

Recount to be held in Georgia after the US presidential election. State Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger announced this during a briefing. https://twitter.com/USATODAY/status/1324737915470172160 According to Reuters,...
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US elections – Biden prepares to declare himself president-elect and kick Trump out of...

Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden prepares to declare himself president-elect. As writes CNN citing sources at the Democrat's headquarters, he is expected to make an...

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