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Monday, May 29, 2023
NewsThe man who wanted to prove that the earth is flat Dies

The man who wanted to prove that the earth is flat Dies

Convinced of his theory that the Earth is not round, the American "Mad" Mike Hugues died in the crash of his homemade rocket.

To prove that the Earth “is flat like a frisbee”, Mike Hughes was ready to risk his life. In March 2018, this 64-year-old American had already reached an altitude of 570 meters in space his handmade steam rocket, in the Mojaves Desert, in Southern California. During this operation,funded by the flat organization Flat Earth Society, the one nicknamed “Mad” Mike hoped to take revealing shots to prove his theory.He was then slightly injured in the back. Last Saturday, during the shooting of the program “Homemade Astronauts”, broadcast on Science Channel, the American therefore repeated the experiment, this time trying to reach an altitude of 1525 meters, near Barstow (US).The goal: to get as close as possible to the line of Kármán, the limit between the Earth’s atmosphere and the space located 100 km above the surface of the Earth.
Video of the crash
But the outcome of the operation was dramatic this time since, according to TMZ , Mike Hughes lost his life. In a video published by a witness on social networks, we can see the parachutes of the rocket being deployed very early, just after takeoff. A few moments later, the craft suddenly crashed into the desert, several meters away.
Dispatched to the scene around 2 p.m., the San Bernardino sheriff’s office confirmed the incident.”[Mike] was one of a kind,” said Mike Hugues spokesperson to TMZ.“When God created Mike, he broke the mold.He lived to push the limits.He would not have left in any other way.Rest in peace.”

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