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Saturday, December 9, 2023
Government and PoliticsMarine Le Pen proposes two billion against insecurity and "Laxity"

Marine Le Pen proposes two billion against insecurity and “Laxity”

Marine Le Pen wants to devote two billion euros over five years to the fight against insecurity, in the first White Paper which will serve as the basis for his presidential program, denouncing the “laxity” of the public authorities and the “flagrant link” between insecurity and immigration.

“If the state no longer fulfills its primary mission”, the French “will end up wanting to ensure their own security or even deliver justice themselves”, warned the far-right leader on Wednesday at her party headquarters in Nanterre, in the Parisian suburbs.

She was speaking in front of a wall lined with the headlines of regional daily newspapers recounting numerous news items.

“The life of the French is plagued by insecurity” which “everywhere is gaining ground,” said the president of the National Rally, declared candidate for the presidential election in 2022 since January, for whom this theme will remain a “priority” in two years.

Marine Le Pen proposes to combat it a programming law over 5 years with a budget of 2 billion euros, financed by savings made in particular on fraud.

This proposal is part of 95 measures presented in a first White Paper of around sixty pages, designed in particular by the mysterious group of experts from the RN des “Horaces”. He will be followed by other thematic booklets, on fraud, energy or regional planning, which “will serve as a basis” for his presidential program.

– Inspire –

The finalist of the presidential elections of 2017 intends by these works to assert her competence, which she had missed according to experts during her failed debate against Emmanuel Macron between the two rounds of 2017. “The French will only trust them the condition of competence “and” we must imperatively be up to the task, “she insisted in early January.

Leaving early in the race for the Elysee, the far-right candidate seems to want to precede or even inspire her opponents. She thus invited the media on Wednesday “to look if the proposals” of LR or of the government “are not directly inspired by (hers)”.

Marine Le Pen did not fail to attack Emmanuel Macron, who also intends to invest in the royal field, accusing the head of state of “disconnection and (of) disinterest in sovereign questions”, and evoking “the level of ‘incompetence’ of his Minister of the Interior Christophe Castaner.

The head of the RN also attacked the “culture of laxity accompanied by a culture of the unsaid” of all governments by evoking a “flagrant link between insecurity and immigration”.

“Delinquency and violence in all its forms are even more unbearable when they are committed by foreigners welcomed into our territory,” she said. The residents of “neighborhoods + out of control +” can “no longer dress as they want, go out at night, or eat what they want in public,” she said.

– Uniform –

Immigration and insecurity are the favorite themes of his party since its creation in 1972. “Security is the first of freedoms,” she said, using an expression from her father and former president of the FN (now RN), Jean -Marie Le Pen.

Marine Le Pen has taken up some of the proposals from its 2017 presidential program, but some have been revised downwards.

It, therefore, proposes to recruit 7,000 police and gendarmes, instead of 15,000 in 2017, and to create 20,000 prison places in 6 years, instead of 40,000 in 5 years according to its 2017 program. “I take into account the announcements that were made by the government. By the way, hoping that (they) will see the day “, she justified Wednesday on France Inter.

Less than three weeks before the municipal elections, she wanted to arm the municipal police in cities with more than 100,000 inhabitants and give more power to mayors who “do not use” her security skills enough.

Marine Le Pen also suggested creating a “prison uniform” which would be the “symbolic mark” of being put “out of society”. 

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