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Friday, February 3, 2023

Father figures in soccer – Hopp and the joker

The division of society arrives in the stadium: "We are there in football," said a Schalke official. Which film is there?

Been in the cinema. Laughed. I finally managed to see “Joker” with the Oscar-winning Joaquin Phoenix as just that, and that on a Saturday that didn’t produce much joy, from a world political, social and football perspective. First, there was the dead sad 0: 3 of my heart club in the Lower Saxon province, whose fans even gave HSV “St. Pauli! St. Pauli! “- mocked calls; Then there were the headaches that followed and triggered a private hypochondriacal seizure (of course also of a narcissistic nature: I, the first corona case in Berlin!) – but the thermometer did not want to jump over the 36.5 ° mark; and finally the results of the football upper house, especially the incredible 6: 0 of the glory as no competition tolerated FC Bayern Munich.

Roughly speaking, the “Joker” is about a mentally ill person with a rather hard case history: All misery begins in the family, and if society does not catch one but instead lets it fall further and marks it professionally and sexually as “loser”, the path from insult to counterattack may be shorter than is good for everyone. Roughly speaking. As a counterpoint to this disposition of the loser, the clown, there is the controversial successful man, rich and powerful, whose corpses remain invisibly in the cellar – Freudian marked as an unreachable, violent father figure.

There are of course such father figures in male-dominated football. Uli Hoeness, 68, was such a figure who had paternal features; Lemke, Calmund, Tonnies, Assauer, Kuhne were and are such, albeit more broken, “fathers of success” in the male-dominated Bundesliga world; Dietmar Hopp, 79, and Dietrich Mateschitz, 75, head of Red Bull, are more recent fathers – men who, in understanding the old base, the Ultras and traditional fans, just bought into football and did not somehow naturally develop into it. They are, in a sense, the Thomas Waynes (father of Bruce) from Gotham City, the rich bad and evil rich, fathers of all unreason, personifications of evil per se, against whom every means seems to be right.

The only thing is: whoever divides the world into good and bad makes it too easy in the long run. “Reconciliation instead of division” was the political motto of a former country father; comes perhaps a little pastoral, the saying, but sounds better and better the more divided our society threatens to become. “I don’t know which way our society is going,” said Schalke official Jochen Schneider in the report on the Saturday evening game on this page: “But we are at the forefront in football.”

Everyone wants to win

The desire to kill the father must, therefore, be overcome, otherwise, civilized life is not possible; and the father has to send a signal that he can be recognized as a role model, but can also be overcome. Football is a highly corrupt subsystem of a highly corrupt super system, so everyone should be honest. Borussia Dortmund AG or the global group FC Bayern, which are also fed by the giants of German industry and the Bavarian Free State, are anything but innocent bastions with a long tradition; They are paid, fed and supported by the very same Ultras, who otherwise are only too happy to play the game of the grown-ups – after all, as everywhere, there is no outside. And everyone wants to win.

What is still missing in this construction is the figure of the mother. In “Joker” she is a psychotic wreck that tells the tale of lies and keeps pounding the son. Do you automatically have to think of the DFB here?

Synthia Rozario
Synthia Rozario
An editorial staff member at The Eastern Herald. Formerly, correspondent of The Eastern Express, Hong Kong.

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