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Sunday, December 3, 2023
OpinionThe Humanity's Home that once India was!

The Humanity’s Home that once India was!

What happens when a Standard falls apart?

The immediate fall out is that the conceived realities become fickle fictions and an ideological perception change occurs. All the truth and the tales associated with the erstwhile hailed Standard become a bunch of white lies and horrific apprehensions overgrow into individual hallucinations. Thus we must and we do have to accordingly change our observer positions in optical relevance with that fallen Standard and cogitate raising another Standard if only they were so ample and so easily available.

The idea of India has fallen apart to the fragmenting pieces of Hindutva and the neo-Indian Standard delights us all but no more.

India was a standard by many means for many of us. It was not a country like any other country of political science but was a giant chunk of land and rivers with the innateness of hosting the civilizations of the world and giving breeding ground to anything and everything that was human. It was an incubation base of man’s evolution where he argued without fear and reasoned without mayhem. India was a sanctuary to man’s evolution of thought and reason but no more.

India was the people’s democracy where truly people ruled. The countries are comprised of populations who further are the collective whole of people of various caste, color, creed, language, and religion. They were never so sharply divided on these bases and in their diversity laid their unity and this difficult idea was experimentally practiced and proven by India in brazen-practical terms. India, though Hindu majority state, provided a blend of democracy which attracted all and called for all without any discrimination but no more.

Indian colors were those of sprouting spring where happiness and gloom were shared, outnumbered and down toned. The works of art and literature produced the message of ‘us all Indian’ and supplied vigor to the Idea of India. The society and the state were furthered by the ideas of love and mutualism. Singularity and polarity were the viruses not active within the main body-India. The Indian colors were bright with hope but no more.

The rights of the people and the care of their interests was what looked at with a yearning and ones we desired we have had in our governance framework. The people-state relationship was the one which we strived to copy, cut and paste. The peace and tranquility within the rapid and noisy economy of India were the sweetly composed symphonies we always listened to but no more.

There has fallen down the standard of colossal India…there are the fragments of divisive India…there is the wreckage and rubble of the fast widening communal India.

We never wished nor will we ever wish such a destiny for India at least speaking as people to people dashing away from the fakes of politics and economics which cannot divide people by mere lines drawn or dissents raised. We as human beings looked at India with hope and this increased out happiness and we rejoiced to rise in standard to those of the embellishing India.

But here comes this sad and traumatic episode of India divulging into communal colorization. For heaven’s sake, go is Shiva Je and so gone is Abdali, why rekindling those enmities and re-engineering statecraft of war and strife with the potential to engulf people, peace and happiness. Political gains are good enough but not good enough when coming at the expense of human lives. Hindu dies or Muslim dies, it is the Indian who dies. India is the color of Asia and it is getting dimmed by the base colors of communal and religious stratification.

Modi is reinventing the Hindutva India completely oblivious of the element of free assimilation and the liberty of free ideological acclimatization enfolded deep within the Savarkar’s work and it seems Modi is yet to read Savarkar between the lines. India is India of the Indian people and India of Modi is an exclusionist India which has a short life whereas the India of the peoples of India has a life till the loose end edge of infinity.

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Muhammad Jahangir Kakar
Muhammad Jahangir Kakar
Pakistani Civil Servant and Socio-Political Analyst. A contributor to The Eastern Herald.

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