The Corona break poses economic problems for many football clubs. Photo: Jan Woitas / TEH-Zentralbild / TEH (Image: TEH)                             (Photo: Jan Woitas / TEH-Zentralbild / TEH)

Berlin – According to a media report, the economic situation of many clubs in the Bundesliga and in the 2nd league is more dramatic than previously known.

As the “kicker” reports, 13 of the 36 professional clubs – including four first division clubs – are threatened with bankruptcy this season due to the corona pandemic. The specialist magazine relies on figures that were announced to the representatives of the professional clubs at the video membership conference of the German Football League (DFL) on Tuesday.

The terrifying result resulted from the inventory of the 36 clubs that they deposited with the DFL on their current situation. The DFL had previously asked the clubs for this.

Based on these numbers, the situation in the 2nd Bundesliga is particularly dramatic. Seven clubs should then have to file for bankruptcy at the end of May if the game does not start by then and the fourth installment of the media partners is therefore not due. The last installment from the current media contract would have been paid in early May if the season had been played regularly.

The inventory showed that two other clubs in the 2nd Bundesliga would have to file for bankruptcy in June if the broadcaster also failed to pay.

A club in the Bundesliga is said to be in acute danger. He can only meet his obligations until May. Three more clubs would have to appoint the bankruptcy trustee in June. As the “kicker” further reports, twelve clubs have already transferred their funds from the fourth television rate to credit institutions and other partners in order to pay current bills.

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