Hesse's Minister of Education wants to make a decision in the week after Easter whether the schools should reopen on April 20. The schools in Darmstadt plan on two tracks. Photo: TEH

DARMSTADT – The Hessian state government will decide in the week after Easter whether classes in schools will start again after the end of the holiday on April 20. “In the event that the schools do not reopen immediately, they will also receive additional information and assistance on how the lessons should be organized,” said Philipp Bender, spokesman for the Minister of Education.

The Darmstadt schools are also preparing for a new start at the school. “We are currently assuming that we will be teaching at the school again on April 20,” says Sebastian Franke, director of the Bertolt Brecht School, on Friday. However, the college is also preparing itself in the event that politics decide differently after Easter “and we have to bridge more time. That is our duty.”

The previous exchange between students and teachers only by email “is overwhelming for everyone,” said Franke. Like many schools in Darmstadt, digital learning will be switched to the “Schulportal Hessen” platform, which enables, among other things, more direct communication.

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Kiranpreet Kaur
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